Monitor your API logs online


You can view the details of security errors in the Logs tab of the /webservices console.


1.       Login to your OFSYS account

2.       Go to

3.       Go to the LOGS tab

4.       Find the problematic request (Quick Access > idRequest, Find)


You will see the “Trace” box at the bottom on the right.

That version of the trace will have more information than the trace that was returned with the call. In your current example, you will see this:


Beginning request (11:30:53)

     checking OFSYS User authentication: False

     checking Dialog Insight administrator: False

Targeted service: Data.LaunchScheduledImport

Deserializing JSON...

Deserializing JSON completed

Returning with error:

     Error code: AccessDenied


REPSolution.OFSYS.API.APISecurityException: The IP is not allowed


This is accessible to all users within the account (basically anyone that can login to ofsys can see these logs).

Please use it to figure out your errors


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