gotBounce and isDelivered in CSV extracts

All entries that are “gotBounce” = “1” are messages with an error. 

But in certain cases, we have “isDelivered” = “1”, it is paradoxical. Let me explain.

In this case, it means that the Message is “bounceback” (we delivered, but then we got an error code from the destination server).

When this happens, destination servers are supposed to send us a normalized “Delivery Status Notification” (DSN) that allows us to know the exact reason of the error.

Then we put dsnMTA and dsnDiag in sending journal of a Contact.


If “Diag” is empty, it means that :

1-      It is a bounceback (the message was delivered but came back as an error)

2-      The destination server sent us back a non-normalized message (translated in Russian for example).


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