Your Sender's reputation with Sender's score (Return path)

« SenderScore » refers to a reference score measured by ReturnPath for specific IPs.  You can check your Sender's reputation at

This score is a representation of the traffic that ReturnPath see go through, and it records how recipients react (complaints, engagement).
In short, it represents the quality of Content / Delivery.
Widespread in America and Europe, ReturnPath's presence is still limited in Russia, they have a limited partnership with (they get some metrics but it's all).

INTELLIGENT EMAILS does not maintain the sender's reputation of its clients.  Our clients ARE RESPONSIBLE 100% to maintain their Sender's reputation, (ie: responsible for registering legitimate contacts who will not hit "this is spam" when they receive messages, hence degrading their Sender's reputation).  .

Our role is to ensure an optimal technological environment as well as the necessary configuration that will help our clients NOT DEGRADE their Sender's Reputation:
- Dedicated IPs for each client
- 2048 bits DKIM signatures
- correct SPF to help ISPs identify senders
- our Quarantine system which allows automatic de-activation of invalid addresses
- our management of's Postmaster, which allows automatic de-activation of Contacts having hit the Spam button on
- etc...

But while we provide these tools, the responsibility to maintain it's sender's reputation must be ensured by our client 100%. 

Nothing that we can do can prevent our Clients to be blacklisted if they do spam (sending to non-legitimate addresses).




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