Campaigns deployment of Messages over several days (A/B variant)

Please find attached a nice Case study showing full Ofsys capabilities to deploy easily your Email Marketing Campaigns. 


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    At the time of sending, if you select a sub-group, mails will only be sent to the intersection between Contacts of this sub-group and your main Campaign Group.

    Main Campaign group is the « scope » which cannot be increased by sending to a sub-group. Sub-groups, even if containing Contacts that are outside of the Scope of the initial Campaign Contacts, will not be included in Sendings.  The scope of the initial Campaign Group cannot be increased by sending to a Sub-group. Only the intersection part will be considered.



    If you use Sub groups to make sendings AND you check box « Limit amount of sendings », your sendings will be sent to the Contacts present in your Sub-group and respecting the limit stated (% or fixed number).


    Example :

    You send your first Message, selecting sub-group « recipients » = « Buyers 5000-10000 RUB ».

    You check box « Limit amount of sendings » to 20 %.

    Your Messages will be sent to 20% of the Contacts of group « Buyers 5000-10000 RUB ».


    If you use Sub-groups to send your Messages BUT you don’t check « Limit amount of sendings », your Messages will be sent to ALL the Contacts of this Sub Group.


    Example :

    You send first Message choosing « recipients » = « Buyers 5000-10000 RUB ».

    You don’t check box « Limit amount of sendings ».

    Your Messages will be sent to ALL recipients of Sub-group « Buyers 5000-10000 RUB ».

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