Unsubscriptions : 3 pages to be set in Ofsys to manage opt-outs

Ofsys can manage unsubscriptions.

For this it is necessary to send us three pages : index.html, error.html, success.html (see attached models).

Once modified by you, we'll set them up for your Project in your account.

  • Replace all links with your links.
  • Replace all images with your company logos.
  • Modify the texts if you need.
  • Do not touche the Ofsys tags.

Once they are setup, you will have just to put this link into your Messages : <a href="[[=Message.Optout("ru-RU");]]">click here</a> to unsubscribe.
And Ofsys will manage the rest.
Once unsubscribe, the Contact will not be deleted in Ofsys, it will be de-activated in order to be excluded for any further sendings.

If you re-import the same contact, it will not reactivate it.

To reactivate a de-activated contact, you can do it from the interface but we do not recommend it.


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