Registration process

First let's remind some concepts:
- Simple opt-in: The Contact registers, and is immediately activated and receives a Welcome Message
- Double opt-in: The Contact registers, receives a confirmation request, validates his email and then receives a Welcom Message

Registration process means the following:

- The new visitor of the website fills-up a web form with his Email, First name, Last name, ....
- The Contact data is then recorded on the website database
- The Contact data is then replicated into Ofsys by API (Method create contact), the new Contact has an idContact
- If simple opt-in: Another API sends a welcome Message (idMessage) to the new idContact 
- If double opt-in: a message is sent to the new Email address with a link to validate and activate the Contact in Ofsys and then another Message (Welcome Message) is sent

To replicate the Contact in Ofsys
- Your IT should setup Method Create Contact

To send a single Confirmation or Welcom Messages to a specific idContact
-Your IT should setup Method SendSingle  

 (If you're an IT person, see attached files for examples and description of process).


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    Mike LYADOV

    Registration process starts from creating Email Template (Message) in OFSYS that will be sent to users in the process of registration. Each Template has unique idMessage that is used by calling API.

    Typical templates are “Thank you for registering..” ,  “Registration confirmation..” etc

    When user enters personal information  at your site’s registration form and submits the forms

    -          First API  USER.CREATE is called. Typically this is set up as PHP SOAP (see attached files to previous post) that calls OFSYS

    This call will pass parameters from the form and create new user in OFSYS database.


    -          Second API MESSAGE.SENDSINGLE called. This API will find predefined template (by passing idMessage as a parameter ) and send it to the email address of newly created user

    If double opt-in used, this template will contain activation link. Following this link will be

    -          Third API call USER.ACTIVATE that will set the flag isActive to true

    By default in OFSYS USER.CREATE method created an active user,  so if double opt-in used, you might what to set the flag isActive to false until user confirms registration

    Most of the portals have two databases. One is own and one in OFSYS. Best practice is to create a user in both databases during registration.  OFSYS has a number of tools available for DB synchronization in case data need to be matched. The tools include batch update, customized import and API

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