Sending Messages to mobile platforms with Ofsys

There are three methods to make it easier for your Contacts who view your Messages on mobile platforms.  Unfortunately it's not possible as we speak to automatically send the computer otr the mobile version to a Contact. Reception of a Message doesn't really function like a webpage that will automatically detect the viewer's platform and show the appropiate full version. In Method 1 we describe some minor CSS adjustments that can adapt a bit a computer version to a mobile platform.  In Methods 2 and 3, we explain how to handle different messages, one for computer platforms and the other for mobile platforms.


Method 1: Adaptative CSS

It's now possible to html code your message by using CSS which will adapt according to the platform opening the Email, either computer version or mobile. The content can be displayed a BIT differently wether the clients views it on a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. It's interesting because with this method, you don't have to create/send two different messages.  BUT, this method is a bit more complex in terms of coding and is also very limited as far as the changes you can make.  For example, you can adjust the column width, sizes of fonts and images, but you can't display a complete different layout.


Method 2: One Message with two versions
In your regular (for computer platforms) Messages, you put a link on the top "I prefer to receive computer optimized messages / mobile-optimized messages".  The click on link "mobile-optimized messages", by the recipient, will do two things : 1) drive him to a "Thank you! next messages will be optimized for your, 2) secretly update a "Mobile" boolean field previously created in Ofsys main Contact table.
Then when you create your Message in Ofsys, you will add another version (use the option "add a version" in summary screen) create two versions of the same Message and for the mobile version, you set condition to : "f_mobile  == true".  The system will automatically send the "computer version" to the Contacts with "f_mobile == false" and the "mobile version" to the Contacts with "f_mobile == true".  One drawback is that statistics on a sending with different versions will not be available online, you'll have to collect them from our daily CSV exports.


Method 3: Two completely different messages
Once you have collected preferences of Contacts on wether they wish to receive the "computer version" or the "mobile version", you create two separate Messages in Ofsys and 2 different target groups and you send each Message to the right group.  Statistics will be available online as well as in the daily CSV exports.


Method 4: Probably the most realistic one
You send you usual desktop version with 2 extra links on the top : "View mobile version" and "Receive only mobile version".
You create a special mobile version with 2 extra links "View desktop version" and "Receive only Desktop version".
You only send Desktop version to group "Desktop = 1" and your Mobile version to Group "Mobile =1"
When recipients click on "Receive only mobile versions" you switch him to group "Mobile=1".  And vice versa.
When recipients just click on "View Mobile version", you send them to a published page with the mobile version published and vice versa.


Method 1 is practical but limited in possibilities and more complicated.
Method 2 will oblige you to collect statistics from daily extracted CSVs, because it's not possible to see the version-splitted stats from the interface.
Method 3 will give you full management of the process.
Method 4 allow users to go back and forth for one version to another. No management is required.



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    Another simpler version :

    If you want to create a "Mobile group" here's what you should do:


    1-      Create a new field (checkbox or text) in order to grab the "Mobile" info in the Contact card.

    2-      Create an operational link which will put the value « Mobile » (or « 1 », depending on the type of field) in the Contact Card.

    3-      Put the operational link into the Message like "In order to receive our communications only on your mobile, click-here".

    So, when a contact will click on this link, the value "Mobile" (or "1") will be present in his Contact card.

    4-      Create a group « Contact Mobile » with a criteria based on the new field.

    5-      Send the mobile version of the Message to the group « Contacts Mobile ».


    With this method, it can take some time to gather Contacts into this new group.  If no Contact has clicked on the Operational link, there will be no Contacts in the group.  If, on the contrary, Contacts have clicked on the link, they will be included in the group.

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    Confirmation that :

    There's no means to detect precisely which Contact opens a Message from a mobile. 

    In Ofsys, it's not possible to go gather those Contacts using Groups, the system doesn't allow it.

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