Using Ofsys amost like an SMTP server

Your information system is capable of generating personalized HTML content where you show a lot of content coming from your DB fields?
Then you might be interested to just send to Ofsys all the component of your Message (Subject line, Sender's name, Sender's Email address, Full HTML body).
Instead of re-creating, in Ofsys, the entire DB structure using relational tables, then updating this data through API and then sending your Message to a selected contact, we propose a much simpler way to achive the same result.

1- Create a relational table "Messages" with the components of your Message, with fields (Email address of the Contact, Sender's name, Sender's Email, html body).
2- Create an empty Message in Ofsys "Template for Message"
3- Ask us to create the link (write a script) between the Message and the relational table
4- Update your relational table with your data using API
5- Send Ofsys Message "Template for Message" to a specific Contact using APIs

This simple method by-passes the need to recreate part of your information system structure and update each field for each sending.

Here you consider that data of the relational table "Messages" are actually the components of the Message.

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