Identification of Quarantines in Daily CSV extracted files

First of all, there are two reasons for an address to be put in quarantine:

1) delivery error with a clear indication that the address is invalid (either it never existed or it does not exist any more)

2) the address contains a syntax error (no '@', incorrect domain zone, etc.)


For delivery errors:

In file « SendLog.csv », you'll find the field isInvalidMailbox.

SendLog.isInvalidMailbox = 1 means that the address is in Quarantine (in other words it's invalid) following delivery error processing.


For syntax errors:

In file « ContactsList.csv », you'll find the fields isInvalidMailbox and Domain.

If (CotactLIst.isInvalidMailbox = 1) AND (ContactList.Domain is empty) => the address is syntactically incorrect.



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