CSV exports : Bounce codes

CSV files, field "gotBounce" will be equal to "1" if there was a delivery error.

Field "isHardBounce" will be equal to "1" if there was a hard bounce (a "500" error type, i.e. SMTP permanent error)

Field "BounceCode" is the diagnostic code "Delivery Status Notification" (ex: 5.1.1). But OCCASIONALLY, when we have a  "BounceBack" (a delivered message but nevertheless returned back to Ofsys by the destination server), and that it is in a wrong format (meaning we are unable to extract the right DSN, the Ofsys applies BEST GUESS in order to determine if it's a SOFT or a HARD bounce. This is what will be placed in the field "BounceCode".

Please also note that if the address is a syntax error, in ContactList.csv, the domain in column "Domain" will be empty.


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