SendToImport() API Method

SendToImport Method allows you to send a Message to an ImportID.

ImportID is collected right after you Launch2() an import into the Main Contact table.

VERY IMPORTANT : Before using SendToImport() method, you need to wait until your Import is completed successfully. Imports can be placed in queues, so it's not possible to send a Message right after launching the import, you have to wait till the import is completed successfully.

For this you ask the webservice every x minutes to check if your import is completed successfully.

Then you should send your Message to the idImport at a time not exceeding 24 hours after import.


Thing to rememenber:

  • Wait for your import to be completed and get the idImport
  • Send your Message not more than 48 hours following the Import.
  • Import table is a temporary table, it contains the data of the Contacts imported.
  • Passed this 48 hours, the data are deleted from the Import temporary table



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