Precision on List-Unsubscribe Tags in your Messages

You might be surprised when you look at the HTML code in, of your Messages sent through Ofsys, to find the following tag :
What is this?
The header “List-Unsubscribe” is a standard protocol that allows the transmission of an unsubscription methodology to Webmailers like (, Yandex, Hotmail, etc…).
When this link is present in the message, the Webmlailers will add a message “Unsubscribe me” which allows unsubscriptions instead of complaints (see Hotmail).  This helps your company not to destroy its reputation as a sender.
When the Recipient clicks on the link, the server sends an unsubscription request to this address and Ofsys unsubscribes the contact, exactly as if the contact went through the unsubscription form.
How do you monitor those who clicked using this tag in Ofsys
In order to get the list of contact unsubscribed by this method, just have a look at the CSV files we export automatically every day:
It’s in ContactList file :
All contacts who have field « isActive » equal « 0 », and field idSource_Deactivation NOT-null, were deactivated.
The reason of deactivation depends on the value idSource_Deactivation :
1             import
2             manual
3             webservice
6             optout
7             oplink
8             feedbackloop
9             listunsubscribe
11           Workflow
If the Contact clicks on link « Unsubscribe me » , it will activate a mechanic that will de-activate the Contact and put idSource_Deactivation = 9.
Remember that those are people who have explicitly asked to unsubscribe to their Webmail client Supplier and if this link was not there, your sendings would have been once more blacklisted for this user and never had known about it.
Sometimes, absence of header list-unsubscribe will make the server to simply destroy any future communications.
Also remember that recipients who clicked are people who have EXPLICITELY refused communications from your company and if the link wasn’t there they would have hit the “This is Spam” button instead, with harder consequences for future sendings.
Therefore, this tag is another automatic protection provided by Ofsys platform.


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