Ofsys Security of Users, FTP and APIs

In a constant effort to improve security and confidentiality of Data for our clients, we present here some important security advices for your Ofsys account:


- Acces rights : Each Ofsys user can have specific rights on Contacts, Messages, Campaigns, Statistics, and Configuration options.
- IP Restrictions : Each user can be assigned specific IPs or ranges of IPs in order to restrict its accesses to these IPs.
- Duration of rights : Each user can be set a limit date when the user will be locked or de-activated.
Please feel free to request your full list of users with rights details and request for de-activation each time a user leaves your company

Ofsys exports daily 5 compressed CSV files with all statistics about emailing activities of the day.  Those files are kept 7 days on our SFTP server before being destroyed. It is highly important that you create a daily routine to pick-up those files.
- Setup IP restrictions for your SFTP access : Send us a list of IPs from which our SFTP server will be accesse
- You can also decide which fields for each file should be present in the daily exports
- You can also decide if some fields like "EMail" address should be obfuscated (scrambled)
Please feel free to request the list of fields to keep, obfuscate and provide IP list for access restrictions

Ofsys comes with a large library of API accessible with Keys.  Methods can also be restricted.
- Provide a list of IPs to restrict API call for each Key
- Provide a list of authorized Methods to restrict API scope for each Key


Please write to to improve security over your Ofsys data


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