NEW INTERFACE : 22 November, interface improvements

Ofsys receives a Makeover!

Considering that we are constantly adding new features and making functional improvements to Ofsys, we realized the visual aspects of the platform needed to be updated to support our changes and ultimately make a more effective product for our clients. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the new face of Ofsys! Our team of designers, programmers and integrators worked hard to create and now present this improved version of Ofsys.

So to make your work more enjoyable, we have defined and implemented a new updated graphic guideline. Have no fear – the platform’s interface remains the same. However, we have added new colors and display areas that make it more attractive and efficient to use.

We know that you spend a lot of time working with our application. Therefore, we directed our visual grid to a neutral and sleek appearance to minimize your eye fatigue. And to make it easier to use, we present the most commonly used elements in the pages with greater contrast and we also thought it better to use larger fonts. Finally, as a bonus, since we do not all have the same tastes, we have added an option for you to select the color that suits you. Try it now!


Summary of Updates:

  • Optimized workspace with retractable menu toolbars

  • More spacing between lists and tables

  • More control of element display

  • New visual elements for various controls

  • More uniform application features and navigation

  • New icons


And our work continues... We will continue to improve functional aspects of the Ofsys application, making the platform even easier to use with more features. Feel free to send us your comments or ideas. We are listening!



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