Must read : Maintenance announcement for this week-end 10-11 November 2012

The next step in the visual refit of Ofsys applications will take place over the weekend.
Major improvement to navigation and the layout of certain pages will be brought online, all to improve the ease of use and clarity of the information that is presented.

It is possible that, during this period, Ofsys management interfaces might behave unusually or be unavailable for short periods of time. These occurrences should be few and short lived and should not interfere with users that plan to work over the weekend, however we do recommend that you prepare any messages or sendings that are expected to go out over the weekend in advance, to avoid any unpleasant interruptions.

Rest assured that these changes will not affect your contacts or clients in any way and that your forms, contest, surveys and other workflows will remain fully functional during this maintenance window.


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