Ofsys Conversion module (option)

OFSYS Conversion module sends information to Ofsys by means of scripts (Google analytics style) installed on the website.

Data go to a special relational table linked to a specific Contact. This table can be then used in Groups (target messages according to these criterias, or to personalize content for each Contact). 

There are costs for the client, depending on:

  • The volume of data / queries generated by the tracking (do we log only data coming from know visitors or unkonwn as well?).  Do we log data only coming from visits triggered nby Messages? Do we log only certain precise actions (display / product pages)? or all actions on the site (logging all hits even if they are from pages with no actions)?
  • The number of indicators must be calculated on this basis and with which frequency they should be recalculated (daily, weekly, monthly).

To start, we need to know how many daily visitors are they, visits and hits (using Google Analytics or other).


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