Cleaning of heavy Ofsys accounts for optimized performances

For some heavy Ofsys clients, we put in place an ongoing cleaning procedure that is aimed at keeping optimal Ofsys's overall performance (Groups calculations, searching contacts, executing sendings, etc.... 

This procedure consists of the following actions:

We delete all the SendLogs and ClickLogs that are older than 30 days, this concretely means:

In the interface:

  • In the history of sendings made to a Contact (the "Messages" tab), all sendings made older than 30 days do not appear anymore (so obviously all that appears under those old sendings data (clicks, unsubscriptions, etc...) also disapear.
  • In Groups creation, criterias based on "has openned a message", "has clicked on a link", etc... will no more show actions that happened more than 30 days ago.
  • As for recipients, their messages cease to "function" once the SendLog entry dissapears.  Functionally, this message is "dead", recipients are still able to read those messages in their Inbox, but cannot "act" on them anymore.  No more opening detection, no more links trackings (also no possibility to "track" links), no more unsubscriptions, no more complaints management. 

NB1: Nevertheless, all general sending stats persist.  It remains possible to see stats of Batches, Campaigns and so forth.  All Messages are kept and can be reused if needed, etc... 

NB2: This procedure is in place for very heavy Ofsys accounts.  The objective here is to keep Ofsys's performance at optimal levels. For example, Groups calculations should not exceed 20 seconds, etc...

NB3: All clients benefitiate from our free Daily CSV exports of all raw statisctical data that persist for 7 days before behind destroyed.  That's why it's important to create an automated procedure to pick up Ofsys CSV files on a daily basis.


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