Ofsys developments: A fantastic program before end of year 2012

Ofsys developments for end of year 2012 Status Release date
Scoring module allowing triggered operations and updates algorithms between fields  test period 30 Nov 2012
Edition of Messages using blocs logic and drag n drop (phase 1) in dev. 01 Dec. 2012
New multi-segment Campaign module in dev. 20 Dec. 2012
Statistics including detailed data and mobile platforms split test period 15 Nov. 2012
New module to configure automated imports test period 15 Nov. 2012
General improvements and optimization of interfaces and visual display in dev. 30 Nov. 2012
Visual Marketing automation module –phase 1 - (tool for drawing sequences using drag and drop) in dev. 30 Nov. 2012
Survey module – Renewed visual interface in dev. 31 Dec. 2012

Other smaller improvements are also planned.


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