CSV Exports news


Here are some changes made to the CSV exports that will reduce CONSIDERABLY size and treatment operations:

The improved version of automated version was activated yesterday. A lot of previously redundant extra data have been optimized.

Some tuning options can be implemented for each client :



-          CONTACTS: New contacts only, all fields

-          SENDINGS/SendLog: New records and important modifications, important fields only

-          MESSAGES : New messages only




What can Ofsys extract now?

-          Only new contacts

-          New and errors (invalid addresses and bounces)

-          New and modified contacts

-          New, errors and modifications


Which fields of CONTACTS can now be extracted?

-          All fields

-          Only identifiers (ID, Key, Creation date, Modification date as well as all the fields which are involved in the Project’s KEY)


Which journal entries (SendLog) can be extracted? :

-          New records only

-          New and important modifications (date of last open, date of lst click, date of unsubscription, date of Spam complaint)


Which fields of the sending journal ?

-          All fields (41 fields)

-          Only important fields (26 fields)


Which MESSAGES can be extracted ?

-          New messages only

-          New Messages and modified


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